Baltimore Conversation Piece

He told me he was bored with race talk
I asked him was he bored with race talk or fatigued by race problems?
He said what is the difference?
I stopped talking.
He said what’s wrong?
I said I am bored with people who don’t know the difference.

She said it’s too bad there are so many violent protestors in Baltimore.
I asked is it too bad there are so many violent protestors? Or too bad there is so much violence prompting protestors to protest violently?
She said what’s the difference?
I am also bored with people who can’t hear the inverse in their own hypocrisy.
We went on to discuss what comes first, the chicken, the egg, or the shooting of the unarmed.

They said they can’t cry over broken windows. Only broken bones.
I ask, what about broken systems?????
What about broken dreams?????
What about broken visions that we wouldn’t have to keep re-living decades of fire because we cannot figure out how to quench the thirst of justice????

I wonder what all the post-racial colorblind people do during times like this. Can they even see the reds and oranges of the fires blazing the streets? Or is this colorblindness magically selective?

What if we never find out what came first, the chicken or the egg…. will that stop folks from eating?

Then why should it stop policy reform? No more debating who started what. Just change before we all end up fried and scrambled.

Tonight I cry over broken bones. Windows. Systems. Dreams. Visions.
Every act of violence, be it necessary for change or counterrevolutionary, will have casualties. And I will ever mourn the casualties.

And I will ever mourn the un-avenged innocent bodies lain dead in the street from government sanctioned bullets – be they from soldiers, national guards or police.

But mostly I will wipe my tears. Because there is no more time for tears. There is only time for reform. The hearts of men can catch up later. Policy changes cannot wait.

He said the man behind the desk in the politician chair isn’t the one killing me in the street. The police are the ones killing me in the streets. What do I care about voting and policy reform?

I said, the man or WOMAN behind the desk in the politician chair is the one who told those police to stalk you like prey and made their jobs depend on it. The man or woman in the politician chair might as well have pulled that trigger in Ferguson, NYC, North Carolina, Baltimore, and on and on and on…..

I am also bored with folk that don’t know who they’re really fighting….

“Baltimore Conversation Piece”
by Dominique Morisseau